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Imad Adel


Imad Adel is a graduate student and Ph.D. candidate studying petroleum engineering at Texas A&M University, working towards his terminal degree.

Throughout his education, Imad has held several academic positions across his academic tenure, including working as a Graduate Research Assistant, a Graduate Teaching Assistant, and an Undergraduate Summer Research Grant student. As a student, his current areas of research include the assessment of rich gas, carbon dioxide, foam, and wettability alteration by surfactant additives into unconventional liquid reservoirs. Even more specifically, his professional experience is in reservoir engineering in both unconventional and conventional resources as well as IOR/EOR. 

In his position as a Graduate Research Assistant where he’s been for more than three years, Imad Adel has a number of different jobs and responsibilities. His work includes determining key parameters for gas flooding design through physical simulation in a laboratory using core flooding and slim tube techniques. He also performs compositional simulation for the evaluation of Carbon Dioxide flooding in EOR operations and conducted core flood experiments using CO2 flooding and surfactants for both unconventional and conventional cores. 

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant, a position he’s held for five years now, Imad Adel has assisted with the instruction of several courses, including the PETE 402 class – a senior design capstone course –  in the Fall 2017 semester. During the Spring 2017 semester, he assisted in teaching the PETE 401 class, a course in senior-level reservoir simulation, and from the Fall 2013 semester to the Spring 2015 semester, Imad assisted in the teaching of two intermediate-level French courses,  FREN 102 and FREN 201. Additionally, Imad was responsible for the grading of all course assignments, exams, and laboratory reports. 

During his time with the Undergraduate Summer Research Grant in 2014, Imad’s work included executing a performance perspective on 2,760 producing wells in the Barnett by the Chesapeake operator. He then conducted an analytical performance study that was based on the production and completion data in the Barnett Shale play. 

In addition to his education, Imad is also a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, a membership he’s held for about three years now, since September 2016. 

Imad Adel attended Texas A&M throughout his academic career, first earning his Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering in 2015. He returned to earn his Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering, and he’s currently pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy in Petroleum Engineering. 

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