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One of the toughest skills for students to learn is time management. It is also one of the most important for success later on in life. Employees or contractors who know how to meet deadlines, are detail-oriented, and can manage to get to work on time are considered valuable assets. Here are a few apps you can use to start training your brain to be more efficient at managing your time.


Evernote – The Evernote app is the gold standard for note-taking and keeping chunks of information organized. How does Evernote save you time? By gathering all the information you need on a given subject into one very user-friendly UI and making that information very easy to keep organized and recall on demand. It helps make test prep, term papers, and more all take less time to complete.

Trello – Designed for both group collaboration and individual scheduling, Trello pulls double duty, helping users work better and more efficiently and helping individual team members organize and streamline tasks. Trello also helps boost skills in group communication and working with others toward mutual preset goals.

StayFocusd – When the lure of memes becomes too great, even Evernote probably can’t sway you. The good news is that where self-discipline ends, StayFocusd begins. Simply plug in websites and apps that are known time-stealers and lock them until your work is done. Over time, you’ll find you need far less drastic measures to stay focused, but a little self-imposed restriction now on key distractors might be just what you need to steal back a bit more of your time.

SimpleMind+ – Mind mapping is gaining popularity in many school curricula because of the ability it provides in organizing thoughts and ideas. Most students struggle with written and oral assignments. Using an app like SimpleMind+ to learn mind-mapping can help get papers and presentations organized and written faster.


Remember that apps can only take you so far. A commitment to developing vital life skills like time management is the first step in the process. Over time you will become less dependent on apps and more able to work out time management on your own. For now, check out some of the above links and find out how each can help you learn more efficient time management skills.