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Many of the great leaders and industry pundits of today started out as mere students. With the help of a well-accomplished mentor, they were able to carve impressive careers for themselves. If you’re not convinced, here are four benefits to hiring a mentor:

They’re Your Biggest Supporter: Mentors are there to cheer for you on your good days and bad days. It can be difficult to remain optimistic when things take a turn for the worst, whether it’s an unforeseen health condition or a financial problem. A mentor can help you stay positive by encouraging you to rally on and work towards your set goals.

They are a Wealth of Information: Mentors have years of firsthand experience and a library of industry information and trade secrets. When you hire a mentor, you get access to this sea of information, which lets you scale your project faster. Good mentors can also explain complex theories and thoughts by offering real-world examples.

They Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes: A mentor can tell you when and why something won’t work or what not to do. Being able to avoid these mistakes means you save money and time. Mentors have gone through similar experiences in the past. They can walk you through how to do something, such as launch a website or create a portfolio of your brand products.

You Can Bounce Ideas Off Of Them: Have you talked to a friend or family member and they just give you a blank stare while you explain something you’re passionate about? This happens quite often, but having a mentor allows you to bounce ideas off of them and get relevant and usable feedback. They listen intently and are as curious and interested about the topic as you are.

They Help You Concentrate: Having a mentor makes you accountable to someone. When you’re accountable to someone, you tend to be more disciplined and focused. A mentor can help you create a plan and stick to that plan as you attempt to execute it.

A mentor can make the difference between success and failure. Find a mentor who not only has the technical proficiency and background, but can also complement your personality and attitude.