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Two college students are given the same assignments. One sets aside time to do the work and regularly completes it on time. The other puts it off, continually pulling all-nighters to finish by the due date. All too often, this student hands in substandard work, which will only hurt them in the long run. Why do some students procrastinate? And how can the habit be broken? It’s human nature to put off unappealing or overwhelming tasks, but there are ways to conquer procrastination. Here are a few helpful tips:


Start By Making A List

Creating a to-do list and crossing items off as each one is completed is an excellent way to prioritize jobs and boost one’s sense of accomplishment. When one thing comes off the list, it’s that much easier to tackle a second item — followed by a third.


Set A Specific Time Period for Studying

Whether going to class, to work, or to hang out with friends, life is all about scheduling. Study time needs to be scheduled as well. Set a specific window of time — the same time every day — for study. Make sure friends and family know the schedule. It will make it that much harder to wiggle out of it.


Remove Distractions

Distractions can be the most significant impediments to completing even the simplest of tasks. Turn off the television. Put the phone away. Refrain from all forms of social media. If possible, physically move to the library for study time.


Tackle the Hard Stuff First

Boring or despised projects are best celebrated when looking at them through the rearview mirror. The student that gets them out of the way first will be more relaxed when moving on to other projects.


Break Up Big Projects

Long-term, multi-faceted projects can cause even the most organized students to freeze up. Don’t be overwhelmed. Rather, portion out projects into smaller, more manageable work units where you can track your progress on a daily or weekly basis.


Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Relax! Procrastination doesn’t resolve itself overnight, but positive results can be had by sticking to a plan and seeing it through.