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Unfortunately, cramming for the GRE test won’t get someone a good score. That’s because the GRE tests a person’s ability to see patterns. For this particular reason, one who wants to get a great GRE score will need to set aside sufficient time for preparation and study. Most experts say that a person should set aside up to 3 months for adequate preparation for the GRE.


What’s Your Baseline Score

The baseline score is the score one would get on the GRE if they took the test today. Don’t start off by making a study plan. Instead, a person will need to take a practice GRE test under the exact same conditions they would take it on the day of the exam. Once a person gets the results of their practice exam, it can show them what areas of the test that they will need to practice before the real thing.


What’s Your Target GRE Score?

Those who are applying to graduate school might already have a list of the programs to which they will apply. Take the practice test scores against the GRE scores of the average accepted applicant for the school in question. Do a bit of comparison to see how you add up. You can often find this information on school websites or in a grad school profile in certain GRE books. The schools to which a person has the best chance of gaining acceptance are those where their GRE score puts them at or above the GRE scores of accepted applicants of previous classes.


How Will You Close The Gap?

It doesn’t matter whether a person uses an online course, a test prep book, or a prep course, choose the prep path that will give you the very best results. You can find this path with a bit of research on your end.


Review Your Practice Test Performance

After a person takes a practice GRE exam, they should always review their performance. For example, students should always ask themselves what type of questions gave them the most trouble. Then examine the questions that they tend to answer easily. Lastly, students should ask themselves what types of questions take them the most time to answer. The GRE tests your pacing and ability to take a high-stakes test. This is where hiring a GRE tutor can benefit you. You can then use your coach to review your results on practice exams and prepare for the big day.