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For many students, now is a great time to examine the possibility of studying abroad: There can be little doubt that time spent studying in a foreign country can provide some of the most meaningful experiences that a person can encounter in life; here are just a few key benefits to studying abroad, and why it’s never too late to plan the journey of a lifetime.


  1. Understanding Your Own Culture

It may seem strange to say that foreign travel is a necessary step towards understanding your own cultural milieu, but it’s a remarkable thing to observe how much time spent in a foreign nation can allow you to better put your own culture into perspective. Too often, we project our own cultural values onto other countries without taking the time to consider a different approach to life. While studying abroad, however, you’ll get to experience a foreign culture firsthand; that kind of experience can definitely be an invaluable facet in your growth as a person.


  1. Getting to the Heart of Your Passions

At its best, the choice to study abroad will provide many students with the chance to engage in learning opportunities that help foster their deepest passions. Someone who loves English literature will likely be over moon if they get the chance to study in the UK, for example, while another person with a passion for the Renaissance will probably have the time of their life if they study art history in Florence, Italy. To wit, studying abroad isn’t just about learning; it’s also about cultivating and developing our greatest interests in life.


  1. Seizing the Moment

Studying abroad is often a unique opportunity to experience the best of life while we have the time to do so: At later stages in our careers, work decisions and family obligations can often make travel for long stretches seem more complicated. Studying abroad is a great chance to immerse yourself in another culture for an extended period of time; that kind of experience can be invaluable.


  1. Pursuing a Lifelong Dream

For many people, studying abroad will provide the opportunity to check a number of items off of the old bucket list: Perhaps you’ve fantasized since childhood about studying in the hallowed halls of Oxford or Cambridge; perhaps your love of French culture would make a semester at the Sorbonne feel like a dream come true. If studying abroad would enable you to achieve one of your biggest goals in life, doing so might be well worth the effort.


Whatever your interests or passions are, the chance to study in a foreign country might just provide you with a life-changing experience for the better. Truly, that is the kind of adventurous experience that makes an education feel genuinely meaningful.