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To say that being a college student is hard would be an understatement. For many of them, they first need to get over the initial thrill of being on their own for the first time in their life. One the initial excitement winds down, there will still be a constant work-social balance that they will have to be in control of. 

Unlike in high school, a lot of college homework is on the honors system. Some teachers have auditorium-size classrooms to control and are only able to base grades on tests, quizzes, and term papers. There are a ton of distractions from doing homework within such a social environment. One good way to keep yourself on track is to join a study group. Having the accountability of showing up because others are depending on you works to serve you as well because they will, in turn encourage you to get into a routine. You can also bounce ideas off of each other. For the most part, you should seek to surround yourself with other who are like you or more advanced. Find people who will set a good example.

Getting into a productive routine as soon as possible is the best idea when it comes to managing your social, athletic, and academic life. People talk about the dreaded freshman fifteen for a reason – it is too easy to gain weight and fall into bad habits when starting out on your own, especially if you are leaving a strict nest. This is the beginning of you learning how to be an adult and self-regulate. Start following an action plan that includes time for sleep, food, friends, and work. 

People tend to work better when surrounded by an uncluttered, tidy environment. It is true that clutter leads to disorganization. Make sure to start a filing system early and then stick with it. Paper can accumulate very quickly. Speaking of paper, despite the appeal of typing all of your notes, you should opt for the old school method of writing them by hand. The cognitive faculties involved with comprehended a word and then writing it down means it stays more ingrained in your head. With electronic devices as a whole, it’s important to put them down to rest your brain.